Fishing Report Lake Erie Monroe, Michigan 06/12/2015

Walleye fishing this past week has been a little different. Ever since the big storm on Memorial Day the lake has had a different wind direction everyday! Walleye fishing moved out over the shipping channel past sputnik east because of water conditionsss.  Good size walleye are being caught North of Sputnik  in 24 feet of water, using spoons and mini disc’s 100 feet back. It’s been tough since the wind and waves are a different direction everyday., so you have do some searching till you find them. The Mayfly hatch is on and the bigger fish are biting later in the afternoon. There are still lots of logs and timber to deal with so be careful running out and back.

Walleye fishing charter trip

Walleye fishing charter Luna Pier Michigan

Fishing Report Lake Erie, Monroe MI 5-15-2015

Walleye fishing has been on the slow side near Bolles Harbor and the Brest Bay area. The surface water temperature is still on the cool side around 58 degrees. The walleye are a little sluggish, so if your trolling, troll around 1.5 to 1.8 mph. We used Deep Thunder Stick Jr. but the fish never really picked out a color. The area between the 3 stacks and Turtle Island produced some very nice eye’s a couple of days ago in 13 to 16 feet of water. Lots of White Bass just off the dumping grounds in the flats so unless your targeting them avoid those areas.  The Ohio dump produced good numbers of walleyes to. Long slow trolling with Thunder Sticks 60 to 70 feet back seemed to be the ticket. Best colors, Superman, Brown Trout,  and Fire Tiger.

Lake Erie walleye fishing

Lake Erie walleye fishing

Lake Erie temperature at end of November was the coldest in decades

Lake Erie’s water temperature at the end of November fell to 40 degrees.

That’s the coldest Nov. 30 reading in Buffalo since 1976, when the lake temperature was 38 degrees.

Last winter, ice covered 92.5 percent of the Great Lakes – the most since 1979.

As of the middle of November, ice was already forming in some of the northern bays of Lake Superior. It’s the earliest the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan has on record for ice.

Water temperatures on Lake Erie right now are very similar to what they were a year ago today.

Last year, the Nov. 30 water temperature of Lake Erie in Buffalo was 41 degrees, and ice began forming on the lake during the second week in December. By Dec. 12 – after an arctic blast and round of lake-effect snow – about 10 percent of Lake Erie was already covered in ice.

Scientists said the temperature was at a lake-low 34 degrees in shallow areas near Toledo and 38 degrees near the islands off of Ohio’s shore. Surface temperatures on the deeper eastern end of the lake near Buffalo ranged from 42 degrees to 44 degrees with the lake’s deepest waters still at 46 degrees to 48 degrees.

So, there’s still a ways to go before the lake freezes.


Lake Erie perch fishing report 9/4/2014

Perch fishing is finally getting back on track this past week after the Labor day weekend blow.

Perch are being caught from the Raisin River south and west. I looked for perch for two days to the North and found a a few but not enough for a good meal. Caught lots of junk fish or nothing. E-buoy area proved to have fish but I had to weed through small ones. Turtle Island to the Lighthouse has some good sized perch but the bite seemed a little slow. If you wait them out, you will end up with a few good meals. Be careful fishing around Turtle Island and the Lighthouse – remember the Michigan / Ohio boarder runs right through the middle of the island, then runs North to the Detroit River. If you see a pack of boats it doesn’t necessarily mean the pack is sitting on a school of hungry perch – boats attract boats! I still have guy’s see us catching fish and pull within yards of me and anchor up. Thinking they might catch the same school under my boat. It usually takes them anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to figure out they’re not going to pull fish from under my boat and go find their own fish. Most of the local bait stores had a mix of emerald and sand shiners. Like the sand shiners because they are more hardy and the perfect size, but I’ll take an emerald shiner because I believe they are the best perch bait. Burn an hour or two and try some areas you’ve never fished or stop in a spot you drive over to get to that pack of boats on the horizon.

Lake Erie perch fishing charter

Perch fishing on Lake Erie


Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report Monroe Michigan

Lake Erie charter fishing near Monroe, Michigan

Lake Erie Michigan walleye fishing charter trip aboard the Stray Cat

Fishing has been good from Bolles Harbor  to Luna Pier. Try the “Swamp” between Luna Pier and Turtle Island from 13 to 16 feet of water. Wiggle warts and Thunder sticks worked best trolled 40 to 50 feet back, 2.0 knots. Fire Tiger, Pink Flamingo, Rainbow  seemed to be the best colors. Walleye are also being caught around “E” buoy  on body baits and just off the “Dump” – Their are lots on White Bass, and White Perch in these areas and they are very aggressive.  Some days you will catch 10 to 15  “junk fish” for every walleye. Keep checking your rods or you will be dragging around these fish and never catch a gator