Lake Erie perch fishing report 9/4/2014

Perch fishing is finally getting back on track this past week after the Labor day weekend blow.

Perch are being caught from the Raisin River south and west. I looked for perch for two days to the North and found a a few but not enough for a good meal. Caught lots of junk fish or nothing. E-buoy area proved to have fish but I had to weed through small ones. Turtle Island to the Lighthouse has some good sized perch but the bite seemed a little slow. If you wait them out, you will end up with a few good meals. Be careful fishing around Turtle Island and the Lighthouse – remember the Michigan / Ohio boarder runs right through the middle of the island, then runs North to the Detroit River. If you see a pack of boats it doesn’t necessarily mean the pack is sitting on a school of hungry perch – boats attract boats! I still have guy’s see us catching fish and pull within yards of me and anchor up. Thinking they might catch the same school under my boat. It usually takes them anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to figure out they’re not going to pull fish from under my boat and go find their own fish. Most of the local bait stores had a mix of emerald and sand shiners. Like the sand shiners because they are more hardy and the perfect size, but I’ll take an emerald shiner because I believe they are the best perch bait. Burn an hour or two and try some areas you’ve never fished or stop in a spot you drive over to get to that pack of boats on the horizon.

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Perch fishing on Lake Erie