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Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report 8/29/2014 Monroe, Michigan

Straight off Stony Point and up towards the Fermi Power Plant in 24 to 26 feet is holding some really nice sized perch. The problem is finding them, the schools are scattered. If you fish up that way and do some searching you will be rewarded. Lots of perch were caught at the E-buoy but many were small. Straight out from Bolles Harbor is holding perch in 20 to 22 feet but you have to sort them!

Don’t be one of those guy’s that just calls a charter boat captain or a buddy for a fishing spot every week, get out on the lake and do your own searching. On day’s off I grab a friend spend a ton of fuel money and go searching. Sometimes we find some great fishing sometimes we don’t.  Over the years I’ve also learned what color water the perch like, and whether to try deep or shallow depending on the time of year. After doing some of your own searching you will develop a game plan before you even leave the dock. Sometimes the wind dictates where I start fishing. A perfect example was Thursday 8/28/14, we had a north east wind at around 5 to 7 knots. I drove east and a little north found some good stained water. After about an hour of searching I found a nice school of perch. In less than 3 hours 4 of us put 115 perch in the boat with a fare amount of sorting. A buddy made a fatal mistake and searched south and west driving into to a very murky part of the lake which held nothing but junk fish.

So don’t be one of those dicks that just pulls up to a pack of boats and starts fishing go create your own pack!!!

ps- if you see another other boat pulling perch don’t anchor right on top of them. #1 it’s rude, #2 your never going to pull biting, schooling perch from another boat, we have tried it – I like to move at least 1000 yards or more away from that boat. This tells me their are perch in the area and I can land on my own school.


Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report 8-23-2014 Monroe, Michigan

Perch fishing has been on and off the past week. The weather seems to be the main factor. Stoney Point has produced some perch but it’s been hit or miss, with lots of white perch. The perch we caught were big if you landed on them. Some days the water was gin clear not holding many fish, other day’s it had a good stain., holding lots of fish.

Rudy helping his gandson catch a perch dinner

Rudy helping his gandson catch a perch dinner

It just depends on the wind direction. The Raisin River buoy’s produced perch but you had to pick through them, lots of 6 inch fish. It seems we are missing a whole year class, you either catch 5 and 6 inch perch or you catch 10 inch plus fish. If you want to make a big run fish North East of West Sister Island. The bite is pure perch! Take lots of bait, you will catch lots of fish but you will release half of them. A fellow captain fished out there on Thursday and figures he caught over 300 yellow perch and released around 200.

Metamora-Hadley Michigan Area hosts 7th annual Fishing Tournment

The public is invited to participate in the annual Lake Minnewanna Fishing Tournament at Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area, in southwestern Lapeer County, Saturday, Sept. 13, from 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Trophies and prizes will be awarded for various age groups. Pre-registration is not required. The park will have a limited supply of fishing equipment available at no charge for anglers who don’t have their own. Anyone interested in borrowing a fishing pole should contact the park in advance at 810-797-4439. Bait will be available for purchase at the camp store starting at 9 a.m., so anglers who plan to start fishing right at 8:30 are encouraged to bring their own bait.

There is no charge to participate in the fishing tournament, but a Recreation Passport is required for vehicle entry to Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area.

Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area is located at 3871 Herd Road in Metamora and offers, in addition to fishing, a variety of recreation opportunities such as boating, hiking, hunting, swimming and camping. To reserve a campsite or cabin at Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area, please visit

Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report 8-17-14 Monroe Michigan

Perch fishing has been spotty up near Stoney Point but a its better a little farther south west near the  Raisin River in about 23 feet of water. There are plenty of perch in the Michigan dumping grounds but you really have to move around until you find them. Another good spot is the second set of buoys North of the lighthouse. If you fish near the lighthouse make sure you have a valid Ohio fishing license. The perch limit in Ohio is 30 per person and your only allowed 2 rods per person, the fine for over rods is $137.00 per rod over. The white perch seem to like to hang in a little  dirty water along with the yellow perch, if you hit gin clear water in your travels don’t bother to fish it – it holds no fish.  During the past week with the high winds the stained and clear water has been moving around. One day “your” spot will have good stained water holding lots of perch and the next day the same area will be gin clear, so move until you find the good stained water. We have been doing a lot of sorting, the fish are either keepers over 8 inch’s or 6 inch’s and under.

Cooler full of Lake Erie perch

Steve and friends with a cooler of Lake Erie perch

Antlerless deer license applications on sale until Aug. 15

Antlerless deer license applications on sale until Aug. 15

The Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters that the application period for antlerless deer licenses ends Aug. 15. Hunters may apply for one license in any open Deer Management Unit statewide; a nonrefundable $5 fee is charged at the time of application. Drawing results and leftover license availability may be viewed at beginning Sept. 4.

Hunters may apply for one private-land or public-land license online at E-License, or at any authorized license agent or DNR Customer Service Center.

Those purchasing antlerless deer applications and licenses will notice some differences in the way hunt choices are listed this year, due to system changes that came with Michigan’s new license structure. Applications for all antlerless deer hunts are now listed on the same page – with public-land hunts listed first (item numbers begin with a 1), followed by private-land hunts (item numbers begin with a 2). Those viewing the list of available hunt choices should scroll down until they find the correct number for the hunt they wish to apply for.

Young hunters, ages 9-16, can also purchase one junior antlerless deer license over the counter July 15 – Aug. 15. No application is required. A 9-year-old must be 10 by Sept. 15 to purchase this license.

Antlerless deer quotas have been reduced to about 494,000 licenses statewide, down from about 550,000 for 2013. In the Upper Peninsula, licenses are available only in DMUs 122, 055 and 155, and have been eliminated in other Upper Peninsula DMUs due to the severe winter of 2013-2014 and the resulting losses in the deer herd.

License quotas for each DMU can be found at

Any leftover antlerless deer licenses not issued in the drawing will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Sept. 11 at 10 a.m. EDT until license quotas are met. Leftover licenses may be unavailable or sell out quickly in high-demand hunt units. While there is no requirement to apply, hunters who are concerned about getting a license are encouraged to apply for the private- or public-land hunt of their choice.

PLEASE NOTE: In the printed 2014 Antlerless Deer Digest, DMU 115 is listed as open during the early and late antlerless firearm deer seasons. This is an error. DMU 115 is open only during the Liberty, Independence, archery, regular firearm and muzzleloader seasons.


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Lake Erie Perch / Walleye Fishing Report Monroe MI 8/1/2014

Walleye fishing has been non-existent this past week around the dump with a few being caught around the Raisin River buoys. Wiggle Warts were the preferred trolling baits. It’s been flat out slow.

Perch fishing is starting to pick up in 24 to 26 ft of water in front of Brest Bay to the Ohio line. Be careful not to go over the line unless you have a valid Ohio fishing license. The Ohio perch limit is 30, the rod limit is -2-  per angler and the “boy’s” are out counting them!! The fine is $135.00 per rod over.

Lake Erie perch fishing aboard the Stray Cat Monroe MI

Lake Erie perch fishing charter trip aboard the Stray Cat Monroe Michigan

Some perch are being caught around “E” buoy and the second set of cans north of the lighthouse. Lots of white perch, in fact we got into so many we jigged two bare hooks and we were catching two at a time. We kept moving around til we finally got away from them. The perch fishing n still seemed a little slow and I’m sure our un-stable weather this past week had something to do with our slow catch rate