Fishing Report Lake Erie, Monroe MI 5-21-2015

Lake Erie walleye fishing was really starting to pick up as the water was starting to warm up. When the cold front started Tuesday the fishing was still very good, then the bottom dropped out on Wednesday.

Lake Erie walleye fishing Stray Cat charter fishing Monroe Luna Pier Michigan

Lake Erie walleye fishing

Brest Bay was the best with limit catch’s in 26 feet of water pulling spoons behind mini-disks. The walleye never really picked out any color on the board rods but, the best was a high diver with a cat/dog spoon.

Fishing Report Lake Erie, Monroe MI 5-15-2015

Walleye fishing has been on the slow side near Bolles Harbor and the Brest Bay area. The surface water temperature is still on the cool side around 58 degrees. The walleye are a little sluggish, so if your trolling, troll around 1.5 to 1.8 mph. We used Deep Thunder Stick Jr. but the fish never really picked out a color. The area between the 3 stacks and Turtle Island produced some very nice eye’s a couple of days ago in 13 to 16 feet of water. Lots of White Bass just off the dumping grounds in the flats so unless your targeting them avoid those areas.  The Ohio dump produced good numbers of walleyes to. Long slow trolling with Thunder Sticks 60 to 70 feet back seemed to be the ticket. Best colors, Superman, Brown Trout,  and Fire Tiger.

Lake Erie walleye fishing

Lake Erie walleye fishing

Fishing Report Monore Michigan 05/07/2015

Walleye fishing on the Michigan side of Lake Erie near Monroe has been on the slow side for over a week. We trolled Thunderstick Jr. from the front of Toledo Beach Marina to the North West corner of the dump and boated 2 walleye, one being a 6 pounder. We trolled towards Turtle Island caught 2 more walleye in 14 feet of water, then got into the White Bass. From there we ran up Bolles Harbor and trolled North in to Brest Bay and caught a couple more walleye. The water temp was around 57.5 degrees, still a little cold for a good trolling bite. Perch fishing over the dump has been slow, very slow but the fish my buddy caught were from 10 to 12 inches.

Monroe County Michigan Huron River gets steelhead fish plant from DNR

 Steve VanDerLaan is a busy guy this time of year.

As the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ statewide fish-stocking biologist, it’s VanDerLaan’s job to get the annual hatchery production – in the vicinity of 18 million fish weighing 395 tons – out to the state’s lakes and streams during a roughly eight-week window.

Stocking events often turn into a show as interested anglers arrive at stocking sites to see their future quarry. One of the trucks recently brought 32,000 steelhead to the Huron River in Monroe County, one of two deliveries made to the site. About two dozen spectators – several who pitched in to help DNR personnel hook up the discharge tubes – were on hand. Many were members of area fishing clubs, several of whom brought shotguns and cracker shells to haze any cormorants or gulls that might have come by looking for easy pickings.

             Steve Vanderlaan1 year old Steelhead Salmon stocking in the Huron River at Rockwood. READ MORE

Changes to DNR’s Master Angler program announced for 2015

The Department of Natural Resources recently announced that, effective Jan. 1, 2015, multiple changes have been made to Michigan’s Master Angler program, which allows anglers to submit large fish they have caught for recognition. The program has been in place since 1973. 

The Master Angler program recognizes two categories of catches: catch-and-keep and catch-and-immediate-release. Previously, the catch-and-keep category was determined by the weight of the fish caught, but that requirement has been removed and replaced with a length requirement. Now recognition in both categories will be awarded based on an established minimum length for each recognized species. Verified entries will receive the Master Angler patch. Only one patch will be awarded for both catch-and-keep and catch-and-immediate-release entries. No more than one patch per species will be awarded to each angler per year.

“Eliminating the weight requirement for part of the Master Angler program really helps to streamline both the application and the verification process – especially as anglers will no longer have to find a certified scale to have their catch weighed,” explained Lynne Thoma, the program’s coordinator. “We hope this change will make it even easier for anglers to have their large fish recognized.”  

In addition to the change to the category criteria, some changes were made to the submission procedures. A witness signature is no longer required and each application must have a color photo submitted with it. Anglers can now submit their applications in hard-copy or electronic formats.  

Please note, state-record fish still are recognized by weight and still require identification by a DNR fisheries biologist. 
The 2015 Master Angler entry application is available online at

Lake Erie Yellow Perch

Trevor with a 2014 Lake Erie Yellow Perch 

Lake Erie temperature at end of November was the coldest in decades

Lake Erie’s water temperature at the end of November fell to 40 degrees.

That’s the coldest Nov. 30 reading in Buffalo since 1976, when the lake temperature was 38 degrees.

Last winter, ice covered 92.5 percent of the Great Lakes – the most since 1979.

As of the middle of November, ice was already forming in some of the northern bays of Lake Superior. It’s the earliest the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan has on record for ice.

Water temperatures on Lake Erie right now are very similar to what they were a year ago today.

Last year, the Nov. 30 water temperature of Lake Erie in Buffalo was 41 degrees, and ice began forming on the lake during the second week in December. By Dec. 12 – after an arctic blast and round of lake-effect snow – about 10 percent of Lake Erie was already covered in ice.

Scientists said the temperature was at a lake-low 34 degrees in shallow areas near Toledo and 38 degrees near the islands off of Ohio’s shore. Surface temperatures on the deeper eastern end of the lake near Buffalo ranged from 42 degrees to 44 degrees with the lake’s deepest waters still at 46 degrees to 48 degrees.

So, there’s still a ways to go before the lake freezes.


Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report 8/29/2014 Monroe, Michigan

Straight off Stony Point and up towards the Fermi Power Plant in 24 to 26 feet is holding some really nice sized perch. The problem is finding them, the schools are scattered. If you fish up that way and do some searching you will be rewarded. Lots of perch were caught at the E-buoy but many were small. Straight out from Bolles Harbor is holding perch in 20 to 22 feet but you have to sort them!

Don’t be one of those guy’s that just calls a charter boat captain or a buddy for a fishing spot every week, get out on the lake and do your own searching. On day’s off I grab a friend spend a ton of fuel money and go searching. Sometimes we find some great fishing sometimes we don’t.  Over the years I’ve also learned what color water the perch like, and whether to try deep or shallow depending on the time of year. After doing some of your own searching you will develop a game plan before you even leave the dock. Sometimes the wind dictates where I start fishing. A perfect example was Thursday 8/28/14, we had a north east wind at around 5 to 7 knots. I drove east and a little north found some good stained water. After about an hour of searching I found a nice school of perch. In less than 3 hours 4 of us put 115 perch in the boat with a fare amount of sorting. A buddy made a fatal mistake and searched south and west driving into to a very murky part of the lake which held nothing but junk fish.

So don’t be one of those dicks that just pulls up to a pack of boats and starts fishing go create your own pack!!!

ps- if you see another other boat pulling perch don’t anchor right on top of them. #1 it’s rude, #2 your never going to pull biting, schooling perch from another boat, we have tried it – I like to move at least 1000 yards or more away from that boat. This tells me their are perch in the area and I can land on my own school.


Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report 8-17-14 Monroe Michigan

Perch fishing has been spotty up near Stoney Point but a its better a little farther south west near the  Raisin River in about 23 feet of water. There are plenty of perch in the Michigan dumping grounds but you really have to move around until you find them. Another good spot is the second set of buoys North of the lighthouse. If you fish near the lighthouse make sure you have a valid Ohio fishing license. The perch limit in Ohio is 30 per person and your only allowed 2 rods per person, the fine for over rods is $137.00 per rod over. The white perch seem to like to hang in a little  dirty water along with the yellow perch, if you hit gin clear water in your travels don’t bother to fish it – it holds no fish.  During the past week with the high winds the stained and clear water has been moving around. One day “your” spot will have good stained water holding lots of perch and the next day the same area will be gin clear, so move until you find the good stained water. We have been doing a lot of sorting, the fish are either keepers over 8 inch’s or 6 inch’s and under.

Cooler full of Lake Erie perch

Steve and friends with a cooler of Lake Erie perch

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report Monroe Michigan 5-04-2014

Super windy conditions have shut Lake Erie Western Basin down this past week around Monroe, Brest Bay and the Toledo Light due to high winds mainly from the North East. As of yesterday the lake was a mud pit as far as I could see from shore at Toledo Beach Marina where the wind was blowing 20 out of the South West. The water in the marina was also low!

Prior to last weeks wind event walleye are being caught around Brest Bay and out in front of Sterling State park in 12 feet of water using blade baits and purple jigs tipped with a shiner minnow. The North end of the dumping grounds is producing walleye, smallmouth, and white bass

The surface temperature is still around the mid to low 40’s

Lake Erie walleye fishing report Monroe Michigan 4-17-2014

Lake Erie Michigan: walleye fishing is very slow, the lake is still a little muddy

Detroit River is a much different story, when the weather cooperates, walleye fishing is in full swing. A lot of limit catches were reported with numerous large females in the mix. The usual areas from the lower river at Trenton all the way up to Belle Isle are producing fish.