Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report 8/29/2014 Monroe, Michigan

Straight off Stony Point and up towards the Fermi Power Plant in 24 to 26 feet is holding some really nice sized perch. The problem is finding them, the schools are scattered. If you fish up that way and do some searching you will be rewarded. Lots of perch were caught at the E-buoy but many were small. Straight out from Bolles Harbor is holding perch in 20 to 22 feet but you have to sort them!

Don’t be one of those guy’s that just calls a charter boat captain or a buddy for a fishing spot every week, get out on the lake and do your own searching. On day’s off I grab a friend spend a ton of fuel money and go searching. Sometimes we find some great fishing sometimes we don’t.  Over the years I’ve also learned what color water the perch like, and whether to try deep or shallow depending on the time of year. After doing some of your own searching you will develop a game plan before you even leave the dock. Sometimes the wind dictates where I start fishing. A perfect example was Thursday 8/28/14, we had a north east wind at around 5 to 7 knots. I drove east and a little north found some good stained water. After about an hour of searching I found a nice school of perch. In less than 3 hours 4 of us put 115 perch in the boat with a fare amount of sorting. A buddy made a fatal mistake and searched south and west driving into to a very murky part of the lake which held nothing but junk fish.

So don’t be one of those dicks that just pulls up to a pack of boats and starts fishing go create your own pack!!!

ps- if you see another other boat pulling perch don’t anchor right on top of them. #1 it’s rude, #2 your never going to pull biting, schooling perch from another boat, we have tried it – I like to move at least 1000 yards or more away from that boat. This tells me their are perch in the area and I can land on my own school.