Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report 8-17-14 Monroe Michigan

Perch fishing has been spotty up near Stoney Point but a its better a little farther south west near the  Raisin River in about 23 feet of water. There are plenty of perch in the Michigan dumping grounds but you really have to move around until you find them. Another good spot is the second set of buoys North of the lighthouse. If you fish near the lighthouse make sure you have a valid Ohio fishing license. The perch limit in Ohio is 30 per person and your only allowed 2 rods per person, the fine for over rods is $137.00 per rod over. The white perch seem to like to hang in a little  dirty water along with the yellow perch, if you hit gin clear water in your travels don’t bother to fish it – it holds no fish.  During the past week with the high winds the stained and clear water has been moving around. One day “your” spot will have good stained water holding lots of perch and the next day the same area will be gin clear, so move until you find the good stained water. We have been doing a lot of sorting, the fish are either keepers over 8 inch’s or 6 inch’s and under.

Cooler full of Lake Erie perch

Steve and friends with a cooler of Lake Erie perch