Lake Erie Fishing Report Monroe, MI 07/24/2013

Fishing has been good all week between the Michigan and Ohio dump in
18 to 20 feet of water despite the oppressive heat. Wiggle warts,
little rippers, and thunder stick jrs have all taken fish. The best
lure colors seem to be any chrome colors with a few yellow and pink
painted baits thrown in. 70 to 90 feet back seem to be the best line
length. High divers set at 31/2 back 20 feet with pink color spoons
have also taken fish. Trolling speed ranges from 1.9 kts to 2.1 kts.
Be careful when fishing on or near the dumps, to
deep and your tackle is gone. East winds have changed the trolling
patterns so you will have to experiment with the angle of your troll
for the most consistent bite. The fish seem to bite all day with some
dry spells during midday. Fishing in the Ohio dump has been very
productive this past week, but make sure you have a valid Ohio fishing
license – the “boy’s” have been out checking the boarder and passing
out tickets like Halloween candy.

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