Perch Fishing Charters on Lake Erie

I’ve dedicated many years to perch fishing on Lake Erie. Charter trips are conducted in Michigan or Ohio depending on where the best bite is at. Perch fishing is best starting August through the fall into October. As waters cool in late summer and fall, yellow perch generally form schools, and are caught fairly easily using live minnows for bait. Hands down perch are the best eating fish on the Great Lakes.

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One of the important things about a charter fishing trip aboard the Stray Cat is I love to fish for yellow perch as much as you do.

Lake Erie is the most fished, and most productive lake of the 5 Great Lakes, it also supports many other game fish such as walleye, catfish, silver bass, smallmouth bass and steelhead. In fact almost 50% of the fish caught in Michigan come out of Lake Erie and the Western basin is king.

So whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, I’ll make every effort to make your charter fishing trip a memorable one.

Perch fishing trips are especially good for Kids so bring the whole family!

Fishing Trips run once a day, 7 days a week an average of 5 to 6 hours depending where the fish are feeding best, and how far I have to travel.

I follow the fish for the best bite, that’s why I offer fishing trips in two states waters of Lake Erie, out of Toledo Beach Marina. The marina’s location is just off the Ohio boarder in Michigan just north of Toledo Ohio and south of Monroe Michigan, which allows you to fish the most productive water on any given day.

About Perch – Yellow Perch, Perca flavescens

perchIdentifying characteristics: (Native Fish) Two dorsal fins separated into a spiny and soft-rayed portion, yellow sides, seven blackish bars on the sides, no canine teeth.

The yellow perch and walleye, members of the Percidae or perch family, are characterized by a dorsal fin, which is completely divided into a spiny and a separate soft-rayed portion. Both are important game fish in the Great Lakes area.

Yellow perch have the distinction of being the most frequently caught game fish in Michigan. In addition their reputation as a tasty treat makes them a doubly valuable Great Lakes product. The gregarious perch travel in schools, generally preferring relatively shallow waters near shore. They are rarely taken from waters more than 30 feet deep, although in spring and fall they inhabit shallower areas than they do in the heat of the summer, they tend to travel shoreward each morning and evening to feed, while during the spring and fall they appear to feed throughout the day. At night they appear to rest on the bottom and refrain from feeding. Unlike many Great Lakes fish species, perch remain active all winter long under the ice in both shallow and deeper water, hence they provide the ice fisherman with much sport and many a meal. When given the choice, perch prefer a water temperature of 66-70 degrees F and some suggest they follow the 68 degree F water temperature levels in their seasonal movements. They inhabit all the Great Lakes, with greatest Michigan concentrations in Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, Saginaw Bay, the eastern end of the U.P. and southern Michigan.

Adult perch dine primarily on immature insects, larger invertebrates, (crayfish, etc.) and the eggs and young of other fish, which they take both from open water and from the bottom. In turn, bass, walleye, and northern pike all prey on perch.

Perch average adult length is 4-10 inches, with a weight of 4-10 ounces, although adult size is quite variable. Perch are prolific breeders, but growth and ultimate size depend on population density and habitat productivity.

Let’s Fish!

August – October

One Trip Daily

Morning – 5 to 6 Hours or Limit (boat leaves the dock at 7am)

2 to 6 Persons

All fishing equipment and Bait provided, or bring your own rods and reels and I’ll set you up

Commercial Fish cleaning available, offsite. Priced per pound live weight.

Call for current rates.

 I require a $100.00 per day refundable (bad weather) deposit to hold your fishing date. Visa,Mastercard

Deposits can be made over the phone using a credit card.

 I accept cash or check for final payment. There will be an up-charge for credit card payments.

Cancellation policy:A 14 day advanced notice is required prior to the scheduled date or you will forfeit your deposit.

Cancellations due to weather will result in a full refund of your deposit, or the trip can be rescheduled.

I will make every effort to let you know in advance if we will be unable to fish on your day due to bad weather conditions, but advanced weather forecasts are not always correct. Your safety is my priority and the final decision is up to me whether we fish on your day or not.

Stray Cat Charter Fishing LLC is a Michigan based charter fishing guide service providing quality Michigan sport fishing for walleye since 1994.

I can arrange for additional charter boats to accommodate larger group.